Fyre Trucks – Silverfish Top Products

We’ve listed Chris Chaput’s Fyre Trucks as the more exotic version of the related and compatible Liquid trucks that comprise the CNC-machined components of his three new truck lines and, simultaneously, proof that all those prototypes, open-sourced design concepts and false starts that inspired a host of longboard truck ideas which made it to market in the “meantime” over the past six years have finally come to fruition. The Fyre Trucks turn deep, they turn smooth, they work, fit and skate flawlessly. They function as a single-pivot truck and have details that deal with issues you might not ever think about, and quality forged in way too many years of prototyping. Pull the “Fyre Arm” off of them and they’re a Liquid Truck with a dual-pivot turn and compatibility with parts off of your cast Attack Trucks. The most long-awaited trucks in longboarding history (and that’s a easy win with these), the Fyres are the most-expensive of the series and still under $300 the set. Seriously? For skateboard trucks machined in Huntington Beach, California, with Abec11 bushings and a liberal sprinkling of magic pixie dust by the genuine, cackling mad scientist that designed them?

The Fyre Trucks make The List because they are exactly what we wouldn’t expect. Aside from the joke we all see coming (yeah, again) about them being here in the first place, it’s that they turn out to be “simple” and –by CNC-truck standards– very affordable. True genius is in the elegance of a simple design that works very well and we’re going to give the credit where it’s due: these trucks work very well and seem so simple. It turns out there are plenty of concepts and ideas in the design that make simple minds like ours spin in confusion, but everything from the myriad of baseplate angles, axle widths and bushing options just turns out so intuitive and simple that we feel like geniuses when setting them up. Anticipation, hype, spite and hoo-hah all aside, one day setting up and skating the Fyre Trucks and you will be ready to ace the SAT or GMAT.